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Environmental Science - Dalhousie University

Dalhousie combines the prestige of a big-name university with a hands-on, collaborative education. Our focus on academic innovation means we are committed to the continuous development of our programs and courses, how they are designed, and how we deliver them.

The College of Sustainability

At the College of Sustainability, we are inspiring a new generation of leaders, for whom sustainability is second nature. The ESS (Environment, Sustainability and Society) program is an integrated, multidisciplinary and team-taught by faculty members across all seven Dalhousie faculties.  ESS classes are based on principles of academic collaboration, leading students to understand the complex real world of sustainability problems from a variety of perspectives and conceptual frameworks. Learning is hands-on and experiential, and particularly in the final year of the program, students leave the classroom for field work, community engagement and work experience. We also offer a Co-op option with your degree.

Since ESS classes form part of a double major within a broad range of Bachelor degrees, students bring an ESS perspective to their studies in another academic discipline, and offer their growing disciplinary expertise to collaborations within ESS classes.

Graduates of this program combine the strength of disciplinary learning in their chosen area with a deep understanding of the complexity of sustainability issues. They are well qualified to make a unique and substantial contribution in any field and are prepared for future professional or graduate training.

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Earth and Environmental Science

The Department of Earth and Environmental Science offers degree options (B.Sc. major, honours, double majors and minor) in both Earth Sciences and Environmental Sciences programs. Each program offers a hands-on integrated approach to learning and the opportunity to undertake projects with real world significance.

Our classes cover a variety of topics related to the environmental challenges facing our world and our professors provide students with the tools to think critically and act thoughtfully in developing concrete solutions. Our small class sizes ensure that students receive the individual attention they need to be successful in their studies. Students are also encouraged to learn outside of the classroom as part of field studies classes, environmental science internships,
co-operative education and international exchanges.

Dalhousie's Department of Earth and Environmental Science offers a broad range of degree options, classroom and field-based courses as well as experiential learning opportunities to suit diverse interests.

Dalhousie's Earth and Environmental Science Program offers a broad range of degree options to suit diverse interests.

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