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Professional Certification

Professional Certification with ECO Canada

The Environmental Careers Organization (ECO) of Canada provides an opportunity for practitioners to add a credential that is based on the National Occupational Standards for environmental employment in Canada.

Professional certification is becoming increasingly important within the environmental sector as a requirement to practice and for career development. Canada’s national body for certifying environmental practitioners is CECAB – the Canadian Environmental Certification Approvals Board.

The EP (Environmental Practitioner) designation certifies environmental practitioners with more than 5 years relevant employment experience after their college or university graduation. An EP is a person who has met or exceeded the criteria set out in the National Occupational Standards for environmental employment. It is the only nationwide recognition of environmental skills and knowledge.

The EPt designation (Environmental Practitioner-in-Training) enables practitioners with less than 5 years relevant work experience to develop the skills and knowledge they need to become fully certified. This program is particularly useful for recent graduates and newcomers to Canada in providing opportunities to focus on their career development. Students in their final year of college or university programs may also become registered as EPts.

Learn more at ECO Canada.

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